Green Party, Peter Camejo, California

Eli Stephens elishastephens at
Mon Aug 18 12:57:21 MDT 2003

John Paramo wrote:

>Camejo is at 6-7% in all polls now.  Bustamante
>(Democrat) is at 25% - Arnold at 22%. Arianna
>Huffington at 8% ...the persistence of the 6% for
>Camejo at this point is very important and should not
>be dismissed out of hand.

I don't know what polls you're reading. The same Field Poll which puts
Bustamante at 25% and Schwarzenegger at 22% puts Camejo at 2%, not 6%:

Personally, I find the 2% hard to believe, since Peter just got 5% in the
last election and, as I think I wrote here, until very late in the game was
polling 10% until the predictable rush towards the lesser of two evils.
However, it is just possible that some of the vote that Peter got was a
simple protest "none of the above" vote, and that some of that is now going
to Huffington and any number of others. It's also possible that some of
Peter's vote goes to Huffington for "real" reasons (e.g., thinking she's the
more electable progressive candidate), but, in any case, the Field poll (and
a couple others) puts Peter at a measly 2% from what I've seen.

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