Technical help needed

Walter Lippmann walterlx at
Tue Aug 19 20:42:26 MDT 2003

There are two programs, both essentially
identical, and they're available in archived
format until mid morning tomorrow. They
are the English and Spanish language
radio programs by Francisco Aruca in

English is at:

Spanish is at

Just to, hit "listen" and select
the Tuesday program. If you
can send them to me in MP3
or whatever appropriate format,
I'll be able to save them that
way. Thanks!

The programs are the same in
both languages, though the
Spanish one has the actual
voice of Eloy Gutierrez Menoyo
being interviewed in Havana.

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Subject: Technical help needed

> Does someone know how to record an internet radio program,
to your
> own computer?

i know how to do it in linux, but not in windows.

what radio program, what day?

les schaffer

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