Cry, the beloved two-state solution

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Tue Aug 19 02:13:28 MDT 2003

>From Haaretz:

Cry, the beloved two-state solution

By Ari Shavit

As negotiations with the Palestinians lurch forward and the separation wall
snakes its way through the West Bank, two veteran leftists have reached a
startling conclusion: There cannot be two states for two peoples in this
Hanegbi [...] is a retired revolutionary. He was a central activist in the
radical-left Matzpen group, one of the founders of the Progressive List, a
partner in the leadership of the peace movement Gush Shalom.
Haim Hanegbi:
"When Oslo came, I thought it was really
something great. I read the accords thoroughly,
under a magnifying glass, and I reached the
conclusion that there really was mutual
recognition, that the possibility existed of
closing the conflict file. So in the mid-1990s
I had second thoughts about my traditional
approach. I didn't think it was my task to go
to Ramallah and present the Palestinians with
the list of Zionist wrongs and tell them not to
forget what our fathers did to their fathers. I
believed in the dynamics of Oslo. I also
believed in [Yitzhak] Rabin. After the
assassination I even joined the Labor Party.

In the past couple of years I realized that I
made a mistake; that, like the Palestinians, I
too was taken in. I took Israeli talk seriously
and didn't pay attention to Israeli deeds. When
I realized, one day, that the settlements had
doubled themselves, I also realized that Israel
had missed its one hour of grace, had rejected
the rare opportunity it was given. Then I
understood that Israel could not free itself of
its expansionist pattern. It is bound hand and
foot to its constituent ideology and to its
constituent act, which was an act of


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