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According to Patricio A. Brodsky, a sociologist who has just published 
"A comparative study on contemporary antisemitism", when Israeli Jews 
are confronted with the statement "<Diaspora> Jews have patterns of 
behavior that generate hostility against them" are (55%) in agreement. 
In countries with a strong antisemitic tradition such as Poland, 
Austria, Slovakia or the Czech republic, the affirmative opinions re: 
this statement were of just 19, 14, 14 and 6% each.  That is, Israelis 
values are three or fourfold those found in the four countries.  Israeli 
Jews, a 55% of them at least, believe that Jews living outside Israel do 
things that place ourselves as victims of antisemitic attack.  That is, 
Israeli Jews (following the rationale of this idea) see us as seeking 

This position is consistent with the explicit purpose of building a new 
Jew in Israel, one of the basements of which was a redefinition against 
the position of victim.

Up to this point an Argentinean Jewish correspondent of mine.

Now, Néstor adds his own lot: the above, if anything, only shows that 
Israeli Jews are consistently Zionists, yes, but in a very different 
sense. In the sense of the racist roots of Zionism, and not in the 
Wailing Wall sense of _our_ victimization or desire to be victimized. 
Leave cheapskate Freudianism out of all this. They share the Nazi image 
of the (Diaspora) Jew as the self-inflicting victim, who should go to 
Israel and teach the world how rough we Jews can be...

There you have the Arabs to show them!


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