"Support the troops"? Why the words matter.

Jose G. Perez jgperez at netzero.net
Tue Aug 19 16:19:26 MDT 2003

Fred Feldman writes: "I disagree with Jose basically.... I have no
problem with a lot of what Stan Goff said as a practical agitator trying
to reach a certain group of people at certain times.... What I am
opposed to is 'support the troops' as one of the overarching slogans of
the movement."

Well if this is the substance of your disagreement with José, let me
hasten to add that surely I must disagree with him also, because what
you say reflects pretty much what I think.

The more interesting question is this one you raise: "In my opinion the
danger of giving ground on the war issue to  patriotic or imperialist or
liberal dovish prowar sentiment is greatest precisely on the left and in
the broad and varied leadership of the movement -- and I am not
referring to just one 'bad' current or group of 'bad' currents here but
to broad problems that exist across the leadership of the movement

Just how do you see the current situation in the antiwar movement? Is
October 25 gathering any momentum? UfPJ seems to be just tacking about
without any sense of direction. WHY haven't they agreed to some sort of
compromise arrangement with ANSWER over that action? It is obviously too
late now to change the date, it would be a crime for them not to throw
their full support behind it.


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