Why Was The UN Bombed in Iraq?

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Tue Aug 19 18:54:37 MDT 2003

Speculation over the bombing will no doubt grow over
the coming days, but one thing about this attack,
IMHO, is that it is manifestly directed at stopping
what the UN *might* do in the future, not as
retribution for what it has done in the past.  The
attack throws into complete disarray any plans by the
US government to attempt to use the UN as a fig-leaf
for the occupation.  UN member states will be even
less willing to send troops as part of the coalition
(sic).  The resolve of member countries to stay clear
of the quadmire (yes, it has reached that stage
already it seems) will intensify.  UN members had,
since May, tried to overcome the humiliation of the US
government's unilateral invasion of Iraq by trying to
reassert UN authority and participate in the
reconstruction (sic) of Iraq.

The people responsible for this attack were brutal,
calculating murderers.  They also happen to be
brilliant strategists.  Unfortunately, when a country
is under brutal occupation these two aspects tend to
go hand in hand.

The death of Sergio Vieira de Mello will have an
international impact far in advance of what would have
occured had a senior US offical in Iraq been killed.

The reason: because the attack will only increase the
prevarication of other countries in supporting the US
government.  The bombing pushes the
Bush/Blair/Cheney/Rumsfeld/Rice-ad nauseum-clique into
deeper isolation.

For example, the Jordanian government was very
unlikely to openly support the US with something like
troops, but they were probably prepared to help in
covert ways.  But following the bombing of their
embassy, even this support is now unlikely.

What the attack on the UN does though, is magnify this
effect worldwide.  As much as the US government seeks
to act unilaterally, it still needs ideological/moral
support from various places.  Losing the UN in this
way is profound and signals an even deeper spiraling
out of control.

> From the Mid-Hudson (N.Y.) Activist Newsletter,
> August 19, 2003


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