Iraq: How the media lied/Save the ABC! - Green Left Weekly #550 August 20, 2003

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Green Left Weekly,
Australia's socialist newspaper
Issue #550 August 20, 2003

Green Left Weekly provides news, information, opinion and debate from an
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Featured this week:
How the media spread Bush's WMD lies
Save the ABC!

Save the ABC!
UNITED STATES: How the media spread Bush's WMD lies

Howard's Pacific colonialism: Who benefits?
The Socialist Alliance: No going back

CANADA: Troubling signs for organised labour
NEW ZEALAND: `Self-determination for West Papua!'
UNITED STATES: Iraq war opens ruling class divisions
UNITED STATES: Support builds for October 25 protest against US occupation
UNITED STATES: Military families, veterans demand: `Bring the troops home!'
UNITED STATES: Free speech alliance defends victimised educators
VENEZUELA: Workers' movement debates way forward
FRANCE: 300,000 attend anti-globalisation festival
SOUTH AFRICA: `Dying to fight' for treatment
WESTERN SAHARA: Time to pressure Morocco

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Howard's attacks on construction workers must be defeated
A woman's place is in the struggle: Hunting for Bambi
Campaign for anti-war unity gains momentum
Plagiarism cuts uni profits
Fighting an `outmoded view of pregnancy'
EDITORIAL: No cooperation with Jakarta's terror gangs!
Horror on Manus Island

Victory for free speech
CFMEU queries WA police industrial hit-squad
Labor allows jailing of forest activist
SCU staff reject dodgy deal
Tasmania's longest lock-out enters 21st week
Community sector rallies against cuts by Bracks
School teachers announce strike action
PSA members fight OIR staff cuts

Forty days in world of the working poor
Life and Debt: Behind paradise's facade
Melbourne Writers' Festival goes beyond `the storm'

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