Subversion in Venezuela

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Wed Aug 20 07:40:29 MDT 2003 reveals: armed foreign (?) commandoes standing by to
support Venezuelan opposition terrorists in leaked plans to subvert the
Chavez Frias government has received a copy of a subversive opposition dossier
(detailed below) which gives general guidelines for a breakdown of law
and order across the country in the wake of expected disturbances and
widespread riots, Wednesday.  Unnamed opposition resistance cells detail
chilling preparations for how to deal with widespread anarchy in words
couched with obvious hatred and fear of what may happen if Venezuela's
majority poor decide to resoundingly reject the opposition majority's
ambitions to restore a status quo of more than forty years of corrupt
political-economic manipulations which brought Venezuela to the brink of
bankruptcy even before reform President Hugo Chavez Frias took over the
helm in February 1999.

The opposition blue touch paper has been lighted after Deputy Interior &
Justice (MIJ) Minister Carlos Bettiol has asked opposition Coordinadora
Democratica to suspend marches scheduled for Wednesday after it was
revealed that no applications to hold demos had been filed with
appropriate law enforcement agencies. Bettiol says the administration
fears that anti-Chavez protest arrangements announced only in the
opposition-led media will deteriorate into disorder and anarchy.

"It is completely irresponsible ... CD had left it until the eleventh
hour to send a single representative, Enrique Naime without any
organizational team to speak of ... the marches should suspended ... we
cannot have this kind of irresponsibility ... if this is the kind of
leadership that the opposition has, it should seek out others."

Bettiol has asked international organizations, diplomatic missions and
foreign personnel present in Venezuela to take due note that the
opposition is not working in a responsible fashion ... we asked them to
meet with us three days ago and they have blankly refused!"

Permission to hold a total of six opposition marches or not, Caracas and
other major cities across the nation are battening down the hatches for
big trouble tomorrow, Wednesday, hoping against hope that there will not
be massive bloodshed as predicted by more radical coup-plotting elements
in the anti-Chavez opposition.



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