Anybody But Bush

David McDonald dbmcdonald at
Wed Aug 20 09:53:03 MDT 2003

Fred Feldman writes:

The main problem is not that the UFPJ supports the occupation, although SOME
forces within it do not unconditionally oppose the occupation, but a strong
drift toward the "Anybody But Bush" camp.

David responds:

Thanks to Fred for this bit of reality. It is absolutely the case in
Seattle. We are having a Bush fundraising visit to the NW on Thursday and
Friday. I hav attended many meeting of various forces organizing "welcomes"
and "unwelcomes" and the words Iraq, occupation and war are not to be found.
So de-politicized are these events that one draft e-mail announcement listed
13 charges against Bush, but not the war. When I asked why it was necessary
to speak in code about the war, I was chastised for my tone, which is the
usual way Seattleites respond when challenged on politics. The mantra
employed is, keep it simple, get the most people there, don't offend

At the same time, one of the main organizers of the main action, which I
expect will be sizeable, professes willingness to work on October 25th, in
the sense of helping to call if for the Seattle area.

SNOW, the largest Seattle antiwar organization (Sound Non-violent Opponents
of War), held a meeting to discuss fall work this last Monday. I did not
attend, so the discussion is unknown to me now, but here is the description
of them on the SNOW website:

>>At the Monday, August 18 General Meeting, a number of proposals for action
in the fall and beyond will be discussed. Below are details on the following
proposed actions and campaigns.

This General Meeting is being held in West Seattle: at the Alki
Congregational Church, 6115 SW Hinds St. (Map via Yahoo.)

Stop the PATIOT Act
Relating To Economic Issues and Communities of Color
Canvas for Initiative 297 to Halt Nuclear Waste Dumping at Hanford
Connecting Foreign Wars with Cutbacks at Home<<

Motivations for these proposals are available at

We very much have our work cut out for us if we are to avoid a wholesale
disappearance of the antiwar fight into general Democratic Party politics. I
for one would appreciate help in figuring out how to explain what's wrong
with Anyvody But Bush, i.e. why it will not stop the war and occupation, in
words these people can hear and understand. We are all pretty well convinced
the the DP is a party of war, etc etc but the world of US antiwar activists,
in Seattle at least, is not. I am assuming the UfPJ's silence on October
25th is just an underhanded way of doing the same thing as the StopBush

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