media spin dynamics, iraq, venezuela

Les Schaffer schaffer at
Wed Aug 20 16:34:45 MDT 2003

so, one day after the UN HQ in Baghdad goes down i hear the following

1.) Al Queda did it. they're infiltrating the country. they're coming
in thru the borders like wild fire. every american hating terrorist is
massing in iraq. etc etc etc. gone are the claims they were there
before we came in to kick them out.

2.) the Iraqi army did it. it was a big bomb. it was a 500 lb.
pound. it was a soviet made bomb. the iraqi army had access to these
kinds of weapons. it was a 1000 lb. bomb.

3.) watching the CNN screen on the cross-trainer at the gym today (no
sound) i see the shit-eating smirk the pigs wore when they were
proclaiming the glory of shock-and-awe is all but gone. much more
serious faces now.

4.) NYTimes editorial today called for more troops in Iraq. are we
really "post-Tet" yet???

5.) The World Bank and IMF closed up shop and exited Baghdad today. no
word yet from well placed sources on why on earth they would do such a

in other news:

6.) Schwarznegger, one of my favorite actors, is plastered all over
the damn TV screens, economic summits, hand-shaking, etc. the
California "recall" is big news.

7.) NYTimes today covers demonstrators in Venezuela, in what the Times
calls a "recall", a smartly designed ploy to make it sound like
democratic forces are at work in Venezuela just like they are at work
in good ole California, USA.

les schaffer

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