New York Times: Escalate!

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at
Wed Aug 20 21:11:30 MDT 2003

At 09:39 PM 20/08/2003 -0400, Fred wrote:
>  This New York
>Times editorial suggests more troops in order to seal off the "good"
>civilian population from the terrorists and seizing the opportunity to
>give the UN a bigger role for the United Nations (meaning the Security
>Council and those the imperialist powers can buy and bully) in the
>counter-insurgency effort.  The Times also hints that more troops may
>and a more decisive commitment to the war may be the way to quiet the
>current unrest among the troops.
>Fred Feldman

Very interesting Fred.  It looks more and more that this is the Vietnam War
in slow motion.  May be not so slow.   As I have already said, the USA is
now in a bind.  It has either to go the path the NYT suggests and get stuck
into winning an anti-guerrilla war or pull out now.   Both choices are
disastrous for Bush & Co.  The subduing of the Iraqi resistance will not be
easy.  I am conscious here of something Lou said in his BBC interview that
there isn't a base of support within Iraq for the USA.  I really do not
think they can play the Shia against the Sunni card.

A withdrawal would be a terminal blow not just to Bush but to USA expansionism.

Interesting times.



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