Anarchist Vs. Communist Soccer Tournament

Juan Fajardo fajardos at
Wed Aug 20 23:44:52 MDT 2003

Anarchist Vs. Communist Soccer Tournament

On 8/17, the local anarchist soccer team Kronstadt FC faced off with the
local communist soccer team, Left Wing, in the first of a three game
tournament. The score was tied 2/2, when the police shut down the game
in the last quarter called by disgruntled members of the Piedmont School
board. Ever since Marx expelled Bakunin and the anarchists from the
First International in 1872, the tension between the camps of anarchism
and communism has built up considerably, notably during the Bolshevik
seize of power in Russia in the early 1900's and the Spanish Civil War
in the 1930's. These historical conflicts and philosophical
incompatibilities have persisted over the years and it remains to be
seen whether it will be resolved on the pitch during this tournament.
Time and date of next game is TBA.

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