India: Uneasy Convergence of Left and Right?

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Some corrections and comments:

Chris' friend:

> Sumanta Benerjee, a well known leftist journalist
> since late sixties, wrote couple of books on
> Naxalbary movement led by Maoist groups in India
> espeially in Bengal.

There is a 1980 book called "In the Wake of Naxalbari"
by Sumanta Banerjee, which I believe is the same

> There is no difference between the CPs of West
> Bengal and Kerala. Both are the same and led by the
> same bourgeoified bureacratic polit bureau only. The

> so called left front consists of CPI, CPI (M),
> Bengal while in Kerala only the first two are main
> partners.

I would beg to disagree, not just for the fact that in
Kerala the Left Democratic Front (LDF) is in
opposition.  Also, the Left Front in West Bengal
consists of 10 parties.  You can find a brief outline
of the history of the Left Front in WB here:

What is the Left Front?

The LDF in Kerala consists of six parties (and one
independent representative).  The parties in Kerala
are: CPI-M, CPI, Janata Dal (S) [Peoples
Party-Secular], Nationalist Congress Party, Kerala
Congress (Joseph) and the Revolutionary Socialist

> CPIM govt is a revisionist govt and it is no better
> than a capitalist govt in many aspects.

Again, I would disagree, but I prefer not to enter
into polemic.  However, a pointer to the words of
Prabhat Patnaik to offer an alternate view for
Marxmail readers:

The Left Front And West Bengal Developments

> I can't say I know enough about the situation in
> India to disagree, but I the information I have
> about quality of life indicators in Kerala
> speaks well of the CP's work there relative to
> neighboring Indian states or any other staes in the
> subcontinent.

Kerala certainly stands very far in advance of all the
Indian states.  There is an extraordinary amount of
material on the web about it.  Back issues of
Frontline cover the state extensively.

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