(fwd from Nick Fredman) Re: Jose Ramos Horta

Tom O'Lincoln suarsos at alphalink.com.au
Thu Aug 21 06:49:36 MDT 2003

Nick, I had decided not to mention Vanessa's letter because the main thing
is that she opposes imperialism in Iraq; and because I know and respect
Vanessa and her long record of struggle.

But since you brought it up: what on earth is a revolutionary doing trading
on the fact that they worked for an agent of imperialism?

I don't just mean that she happened to have a job with the UN in East
Timor. We all have jobs working for the bosses; me too. But she makes great
play about supporting his political role:

"During that time I accompanied him and his staff
on a wide range of tasks and a number of trips to regional areas -
including meeting political parties and women running as candidates for
office ... It was a fascinating and very instructive experience to work
with Sergio, as the UN's highest officeholder in East Timor."

Again, this is not directed against Vanessa personally; it's DSP politics.
Can't you people see how this compromises you?

I guess not.

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