"Democratic antiwar Presidential contenders" ; looking ahead to 2004

Jose G. Perez jgperez at netzero.net
Thu Aug 21 07:04:06 MDT 2003

Lou Paulsen

>>Dean of course supports the occupation, saying that it was a bad idea
but we have to go ahead now that we're there, which is not much
different from Hubert Humphrey's position on Viet Nam. And Dean is a
"fringe candidate"!<<

Not quite. He's support plus. Quite an athletic supporter, like HHH,
come to think of. Dean wants to escalate, escalate, escalate, just like
the NY Times. He offered a figure of 50 more kilotroops in June, which
is what some generals apparently think is the minimum acceptable force
level (200K). Of course that was before oil pipelines, water aqueducts,
Arab embassies and UN Human Rightists starting blowing up. That's
consonant with his criticism of the war, which was that just because the
French and Germans didn't want to do it, doesn't mean the U.S. should
substitute itself in an imperalist adventure someone else should be
carrying out on our behalf -- especially in a country where people are
going to shoot back, which violates the Pentagon's basic post-Vietnam
rules of engagement: never engage someone who can shoot back (see the
film Blackhawk Down for the fine print).


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