Argentina to Revoke Amnesty Laws

DMS dmschanoes at
Thu Aug 21 05:22:45 MDT 2003

As reported in today's NYT:  Kirchner pushes revocation of
amnesty laws re "dirty war."   And I believe the Argentine
Senate has already acted to revoke the laws.

It seems imperative that Marxists advocate the organization of
tribunals, courts of inquiry, etc. under workers' control to
prosecute these issues  WITHIN Argentina.  There should be no
support for extradition of the accused military officers to
any other country or to any "international" court.

Clearly, the workers at the Ford auto plant, the Daimler Benz plant, other factories,  in the Cordoba region, in Buenos Aires,
etc. are the proper individuals, class, and authority to handle
these matters.

Other countries whose citizens were victimized by the repression
should be invited to send delegates from workers organizations,
in conjunction with "official" government representatives,
with the necessary evidence to advance the work of these
workers' inquiries.


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