Forward from Nestor

DMS dmschanoes at
Thu Aug 21 10:59:25 MDT 2003

I have no doubt that Nestor is essentially correct in his
analysis of the self-serving interest, and the deception
behind Kirchner's pressure for "revocation."

Indeed, there should be NO CONFIDENCE in the ability,
desire, strength, or willingness of any government
branch or officials regarding this matter.  All the more
essential is it then to use the critical nature of this
issue, its visceral impact on so many within and outside
the working class, as an opportunity to create a different
class led mechanism, a differnt class led authority for
handling and resolving the matter.

In that regard the proposal should more properly be for
a workers' led inquiry or tribunal.  Certainly, the connection
between employed and unemployed workers in Argentina is a
solid one.  Although my information is a little old, I
believe the relations among the piqueteros and the unemployed
is actually organization as significant numbers of unemployed
are organized into MTDs (movement of unemployed workers)and the
MTDs are associated formally with confederations of the
piqueteros.  I apologize if my information is no longer current
or if I mistranslated the meaning of MTD.

Likewise, there was, at least in 2002, strong connections
among workers and the general population through neighborhood
associations.  And workers' direct actions have received
considerable sympathy and support from these associations and
from some elements of the middle classes.  It was in January
that the slogan "Piqueteros y cacerolas, la lucha es una sola,"
was advanced.

So if that is still the case then indeed Nestor's point is
well-taken, and the actions and organizations should integrate
this extended support.


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