Arab Eyes [poem]

M. Junaid Alam junaidalam at
Thu Aug 21 19:08:05 MDT 2003

Just to share.
Arab Eyes

The glares of the oppressed
Shoot out from shadows writhing
under black war boots strapped on white skin
Arab-dirtied in desert sands.

Rising in the nascent sandstorm
of national struggle
can these angered Arab eyes
these twin towers of Resistance
stare down
buildings stretching into the sky
and empires digging into the (s)oil.

Dark Eyes, yes,
of Bandits, bastards, Ba'athists
of Renegades, rocket-repelled
of a family
bombed into oblivion;
Exploding from obsidian
bursting brightly into tears, anguish and

These sorrowful, spiteful eyes stare out
Stinging and soaking in
the fatal fumes of Freedom:
depleted uranium mayhem
cluster killers and
napalm neurotics
released on the breath of
two-bit Crusaders
three-star generals
five-sided war bureaus
and six-sided stars.

America: Let us look into those Arab eyes, those darkened mirrors!
And weep for our tainted souls
descending down the war path
to a faintly calm doom:
a last hurrah of fireworks
and freedom
As we fizzle out in the fires
of nationalist flatulence;
Sizzling to the death-tune
of cascading arrogance.

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