"Democratic antiwar Presidential contenders" ; looking ahead to 2004

Daru Rateau darurateau at doramail.com
Fri Aug 22 01:13:00 MDT 2003

What Lou Paulsen said about Kucinich:

>>I am even willing to -listen- to someone who argues
that we should all give critical support to Kucinich,
although at this point I believe that we need a
campaign that says "End the occupation, troops out
now, immediately, no delays, equivocations, or
conditions about it" and nothing less, and that
Kucinich won't qualify.  But the process has to be
got going.<<

First, please note, Kucinich was clearly against the
war before the US carried out the war. Second, here
is what Kucinich actually says:

Kucinich Calls for U.N. to Replace U.S. In Iraq
In statements from his Congressional office and on
the campaign trail, Kucinich continued today to
advocate that U.N. peacekeeping forces replace U.S.
troops in Iraq. His stance is in stark contrast to
other Democratic candidates; Howard Dean, for
example, supports sending additional U.S. troops to
Iraq (Meet the Press, 6/22).

Kucinich said today: "This weekend, with the deaths
of 5 US troops, we were once again reminded of the
dangers facing US troops in what has become a
quagmire. To date 243 U.S. troops have died in Iraq.
It is time that the United States begins the process
of withdrawing our troops, and  allow a UN
peacekeeping force to take over the reconstruction of

"In their rush to war, the Administration failed to
adequately prepare for the post-invasion period.
Negotiations for an exit must begin now. An exit
agreement with the United Nations must involve the US
letting go of the contracting process.

"The UN must also take over management, accounting
and distribution to the Iraqi people of Iraq's oil
profits. Additionally, a transition from UN control
to self- determined governing structure by and for
the Iraqi people must be planned. Finally, the
Administration, which unwisely ordered the bombing,
must fund the reconstruction."<<

Biden, Kerry and Lieberman are pro-war Democrats,
make no mistake about it. They were in on the Dems
getting involved in the push for 'regime change' in
Iraq long before baby Bush became president. There is
hope in a Kucinich presidency. I especially like the
part about the US paying for the reconstruction of


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