Tom O'lincon's views on East Timor and bombings in Bagdad

Tom O'Lincoln suarsos at
Fri Aug 22 01:45:56 MDT 2003

Bob, you wrote:

>>Tom O'Lincoln is a master of the short grab/jab designed to score a point
... the little item on Jose Ramos Horta ... O'Lincoln tries to score a
passing point against people like myself and the DSP, who supported the
military intervention in East Timor, with heavy-duty rhetoric about Horta
being brought to power on imperialist bayonets.<<

Err, is it a short grab or heavy duty rhetoric? Actually, I didn't have you
in mind at all. I'm just aware that Jose Ramos Horta keeps coming out and
backing global imperialism. I suggest it has something to do with how he
came to power.

>>What a bloody insult to the Timorese people.

No need to be some emotive. Facts are facts. They fought courageously, but
Horta would not be in power without imperialist bayonets. I wish it weren't
true, but it is. Why else did you and the DSP call for the troops to go in?

>>I find Tom O'Lincoln's reference to Vanessa Hearman in a subsequent post,
condescending and insulting.<<

I didn't intend it personally -- and said so -- but if that's how it came
across I still apologise.

>>I put this all to you a bit sharply, Tom. You and I are both old hands<<

That's cool; we both have thick skins too.

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