Exchange with Fred Feldman about the dreaded "staircase" effect

Walter Lippmann walterlx at
Fri Aug 22 11:26:32 MDT 2003

Everyone has to learn how to walk on their
own two feet, especially after spending an
extended period of time living and working
in a sheltered workshop.

Fred is having that difficult experience and
my heart and sympathies go out to him as
one who went through that twenty years or
so ago, I know it's not easy. He spent 40
years in the workshop where individualism
in thought and expression were not always
valued or encouraged, speaking mildly.

We each have our obsessions. I'm really
into formatting, for a range of reasons not
important beyond my own personal taste.

The e-mail stripper is one of the greatest
inventions I know of since electronic mail.
It's not perfect, but it cleans and fixes so
much that I use it dozens of times a day.

My one request to improve the ability of
Marxmail to be read would be to have it
set so one could send in mail in HTML
or rich text, and the server would then
change it to plain text, but otherwise it
would preserve the line-length.

It's a feature we have in Yahoogroups,
(along with such negative features as
advertising, of course). When the list
is moved to another server, I'd like to
request that the management seek a
way to have incorporated.


Walter Lippmann

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