Exchange with Fred Feldman about the dreaded "staircase" effect

Jose G. Perez jgperez at
Fri Aug 22 13:24:57 MDT 2003

Les writes:
"and this is what bothers me about fred's participation here. Its mainly
a one way thing with him. he's hittin us with all the news that fit to
print, but not really engaging in the realtime rap."

I don't think you are being accurate or fair. There are some forwards I
could do without, and I wish the entire online world would drop the ">"
convention or have stripping/reformatting automatically built into
clients. But probably some of the material he sends that someone else
finds irrelevant I find especially valuable. I don't believe the volume
is out of bounds.

Fred has posted many thoughtful comments of his own to the list. They
deal with subjects of no great interest to you. Fine. Others of us find
them engaging. When Louis et al were going away at the origins of
capitalism or something, I did not follow those threads: I may be
interested in the subject but somehow the material presented and being
debated did not interest me. That is inevitable in a list like this, and
I don't think we should be demanding that everything people want to
contribute be compelling to each and every one of us individually.


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