URGENT: Help create a unified peace movement

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Fri Aug 22 15:14:14 MDT 2003

Isaac Silver <kidsplate at yahoo.com> wrote:***URGENT ACTION NEEDED***

Hello everyone,

The petition below has been drafted to urge United for Peace and
Justice to accept ANSWER's offer and co-sponsor a large national
demonstration on October
25 with the demand "Bring the Troops Home!"

It's extremely important that we, as grassroots activists, do all we
can to help facilitate cooperation on a national level and build a
unified peace movement. Please take a moment of your time to read
through and sign this petition, as United for Peace and Justice is
currently deciding what action to take.

To sign the petition, reply to kidsplate at yahoogroups.com and add your
name, organization (if available) and city to the petition. Please
feel free to forward this around as well, but make sure to include
these instructions so that signatures are centralized!

If you are planning on attending and or locally building for the
October 25 demonstration, you can also call 212-603-3700 and leave a
message letting United for Peace and Justice know that this is crucial
to building a strong peace movement.

Isaac Silver Students Against the War, Georgia State University


We, the undersigned, call on United for Peace and Justice to
co-sponsor the International Day of Protest against the Occupation of
Iraq on October 25. The national initiator of this demonstration, the
ANSWER Coalition, has asked UFPJ to join in a united-front sponsorship
of the event. As anti-war and social justice activists, we realize
that unity is crucial in building a movement that can end the US and
British occupation of Iraq and bring the troops home.

We strongly believe that UFPJ and ANSWER, the largest anti-war
coalitions in the United States, joining hands and doing all they can
to make October 25 the largest mobilization possible is an important
step towards overcoming divisions in the anti-war movement and
strengthening the movement as a whole.

The rapid growth of Military Families Speak Out's "Bring Them Home
Now" campaign, as well as daily protests by the people of Iraq, shows
enormous popular opposition to the occupation on the part of both
Americans and Iraqis.

We ask United for Peace and Justice to help grassroots activists
mobilize popular sentiments in favor of an immediate withdrawal of US
troops and a restoration of national sovereignty to the Iraqi people.

The United States government is now considering whether to deploy more
US troops in quell Iraqi resistance -- let's get our act together
before it is too late. We urge United for Peace and Justice to accept
ANSWER's offer as soon as possible and pledge full cooperation towards
a united demonstration to End the Occupation and Bring the Troops Home
Now on October 25.


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