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Fred is the least technically savvy person I have ever met. He probably has
no idea of what to do about the problem. I do not even know what you are
talking about.

You guys are just way too fast to fly off the handle and draw all sorts of
conclusions, IMHO. I have not the slightest doubt that the cutthroat
atmosphere you promote has a lot to do with the almost total absence of
female contributors on this list, which cannot be good. I raised this with
Louis, and he informed me that xzy and several others were female. Out of
450 or so. I let it go and I don't intend to raise it, it's not my problem,
because it's not my list.

I am personally extremely careful about what I contribute to the list and
that may be good. In general, most of my responses I put into "drafts" in
Outlook and they stay there. I was about to begin a thread on ABBA just
before Fred raised, but figured the list must be somehow beyond that sort of
thing. Pretty much the way the SWP used to make me feel about raising
political issues. So congratulations, if that's what you want. Despite all
this, it's still a good list because of its general tolerance for diverse
points of view.


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