Kelly: 'I'll be found dead in the woods'

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Sat Aug 23 01:07:00 MDT 2003

  I don't understand why it turns up that way since the problem
doesn't appear on my screen after the message reaches the list.
But I believe you b/c I have received complaints in the past.

I guess I will have ask someone familiar with my e-mail system
how to do this properly...

sorry again for the inconvenience...


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> David Quarter wrote:
> > Kelly's chilling words: 'I'll be found dead in the woods' 
> > reveals inspector's pre-war doubts 

> >,13822,1027372,00.html
> > MacAskill, Nicholas Watt and Vikram Dodd
 Friday August 22, 2003
> > Guardian 

> Could you please post in plain text. Yopur carriage returns,which are
> visible on my browser, make it almost impossible to read this the article.
> Regards, Einde O'Callaghan

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