Chris Brady cdbrady at
Sat Aug 23 04:05:10 MDT 2003

Someone once thought I was female, on a discussion list long ago: PNEWS,
I think.  "Chris" is one of those neutral-gender monikers, like "Pat."
It led to off-list correspondence with a leftish feminist intellectual
activist that culminated with a request for the use of my cover design
for a feminist publication.  It was an issue about conservative
backlash.  I had put together a collage mostly from comic books entitled
"FEMINAZIS ATTACK!?"  Then it came out, I forget how, probably in
filling out some form in full, that I was not female and that meant my
cover was vetoed.  Maybe it was a good thing; if it got any play I would
probably been pulled into an intellectual property rights
squabble--something the Dadaists never had to deal with.  No more "Found
Art" ...

In another completely different list I was castigated for my overly MALE
manner of discourse that was typified as tending to overwhelm.  In light
of the previous misidentification, I found the latter to be utterly
confounding.  Especially since my  former interlocutor was female and my
latter critic was male.  I believe that person was more trying to
sideswipe my Marxist analysis out of the discussion at the time.  Class
analysis is often perceived as confrontational--the fact forgotten that
the aggression originates from the exploitative class.  On the other
hand, we should not be cornered into defensive-only positions.

Chris (not considering a sex change) Brady

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