Marxist computer advice group?

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Sat Aug 23 08:24:40 MDT 2003

>What would be the prospects for creating sort of an annex to the list, a
>sublist or Yahoo group or something, where we could ask each other for
>computer advice and so on?  It seems silly to post such matters to the
>general list, but on the other hand sometimes you need to ask questions
>about laying out leaflets, broadcast e-mails, setting up your website, and
>so on, and who do we go to?
>Or is there such an entity in existence somewhere already?

That reminds me. A while back me and Les kicked around the idea of setting
up an email list at Yahoo called something like "Radical Computing". It
would get into broader political and theoretical questions involving M$
versus Linux, open source, privacy, etc. I think it would also be a good
technical resource for leftists who need advice on maintaining a website,
etc. Sort of a combination of Computer Professionals for Social
Responsibility (which is top-heavy with stodgy professors the last time I
was involved with it) and my own organization Tecnica which sent volunteers
to Sandinista Nicaragua to help some coffee-growing cooperative figure out
how to use Lotus 123, etc.

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