Mark Lause MLause at
Sat Aug 23 09:23:50 MDT 2003


I'm fully sympathetic to complaints about the "overly MALE manner of
discourse."  This is a polite way of someone telling you to shut the
hell up.  Management where I work tends to make these wonderfully insane
and pointless orders.  For a variety of reason, women tend to say
nothing.  Men tend to talk back.  Those who say anything are told that
they are "uncollegial," "unprofessional" and--damning of the damned
"engaging in gendered discourse" by trying to assert any power.

...Almost invariably, I've found the argument is made from the top down,
ultimately by male management...just like affirmative action is pretty
much in the hands of white guys.

In the context of this list, I can't see the assertion as anything but
daffy.  This isn't to say that there aren't problems with this sort of
thing.  But listserves reflect what goes on in the society.  Societies
don't change because guys are annoyed by what other guys say and tell
them to stop being so assertive and macho.

More's to the point, few on the list read everything post thoroughly.  I
often read things that seem to me to be overreactive, territorial, male,
etc.  However, very few prone to make such judgements are clear about
what led up to the post.  If people could extend to each other a
comradely benefit of the doubt, the list would accomplish more.

Mark L.

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