Brazil: landless ALERT against outburst of Fascist violence (PLEASE DISTRIBUTE)

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Sat Aug 23 10:03:52 MDT 2003

What follows was kindly translated from Portuguese by Edward George.
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The incredible text which follows was distributed in leaflet form in the
city of São Gabriel, in the Rio Grande Do Sul.  The text of the leaflet,
which displays a strong fascist slant, was a reaction on the part of the
large estate owners of the region to a march organised by militants of the
MST in the city.  We call for it to be denounced, as it encourages crimes
and violence against the families of the Landless Rural Workers.  The legal
section of the MST is taking action against authors of the leaflet with the
federal authorities on the grounds that the text amounts to an incitement to
genocide.  The RS legislative assembly is also going to conduct an

But it is a sorry example of what the landowners’ madness leads to.

National Secretariat MST


People of São Gabriel: do not let your city, so well cared for so many
years, be stained by the dirty and deformed feet of human scum.

São Gabriel, which never coexisted with misery, will now have to shelter the
worst of what exists in the heart of society.  We do not deserve that this
rotten mass, manipulated by half a dozen cowards who hide behind stars on
their chests, should come to bring robbery, violence, rape, and death.
These rats need to be exterminated.  It will hurt, but strength is the cure
for deadly diseases.  Blood must run so that we can show our courage.  If
you want peace, prepare for war, so that we may show the world that there is
no place in São Gabriel for these unemployed.  Here we have order, and
diligent and productive people.  Our city is one of opportunity for whoever
wants to produce, and has nothing to offer for drunks, scum, vagabonds and

If you, fellow Gabrielense, have an agricultural plane, spray at night 100
litres of gasoline over the rats’ canvas encampment: there will always be a
lighted candle to finish the job and eliminate them all.

If you, fellow Gabrielense, have land adjoining the encampment, do whatever
you can to bathe cattle in their drinking water: poisoned rats will drink
more water still.

If you, fellow Gabrielense, possess a 22-bore hunting weapon, shoot at the
encampment from the inside of your car, from as far away as possible. The
bullet will reach its target from a distance of 1200 metres.



Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
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