dead in the woods

Richard Harris rhh1 at
Sat Aug 23 11:47:26 MDT 2003

David posted this Guardian story, a very interesting development in the
Kelly case:
> From: "David Quarter" <davidquarter at>
> Subject: Kelly: 'I'll be found dead in the woods'
> Kelly's chilling words: 'I'll be found dead in the woods' 
> Diplomat reveals inspector's pre-war doubts 
> Ewen MacAskill, Nicholas Watt and Vikram Dodd
> Friday August 22, 2003
> The Guardian 
> The weapons specialist, Dr David Kelly, said six months ago that
> he would "probably be found dead in the woods" if the American
> and British invasion of Iraq went ahead, Lord Hutton's inquiry was
> told yesterday. 
> His chilling prediction of his own death during a conversation with
> the British diplomat David Broucher in Geneva in February,


Those who recall British judicial inquiries into the Bloody Sunday massacre
will spot the game here.

How can the judge Lord Hutton find suicide if Kelly never made a threat of
suicide before his death (if that is what the gnomic statement 'dead in the
woods' is.)

Now such a threat is in the evidence.  And from who?  A British diplomat,
the class of person bred to lie for their country.

Now do you think Downing Street, the Intelligence Services, the Ministry of
Defence et al. have not been working on how they could get such material
before Hutton?


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