Marxist computer advice group?

Les Schaffer schaffer at
Sat Aug 23 12:11:44 MDT 2003

José wrote:

> I think it is a great idea to set up such a left computers and
> technology group.

i guess if it were to be a computers + technology kind of list, then i
would vote for adding science in as well (i find Science for the
People almost a total bore myself). otherwise, stick to Lou Paulsen's
original plan of having a group of computerese people available for
consultation to marxist and left-enough groups fighting the good

next question is whether it should be an add-on to Lou's list, or run
independently. if it were a computers + tech + science kind of list, i
might even be willing to administer it if there were contributions
available to go with something like panix listserv. 

but it would be interesting to hear first from the MIA crowd, Lou
Paulsen's people, etc, to see what numbers of people are interested,
and what breadth of topics handled.

we could also do something as simple as a web page with links to
various people who are available on a volunteer basis for consulting
to political organizations on desktop publishing, web and email

les schaffer

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