What is at stake RE: dead in the woods

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at qut.edu.au
Sat Aug 23 20:14:18 MDT 2003

  Mark wrote:
>If the investigation of the Kelly matter destabilizes the Blair
>government, it will be interesting to see its impact here.

Which is precisely why Hutton will do no such thing.  I know I am in full
conspiracy mode here, but truly I believe there is a huge political crisis
unfolding.  It flows from weapons of mass destruction, to Kelly's death, to
the very legitimacy of the Bush and Blair regimes.  Either could so easily
be toppled from within the establishment but that will not happen.  Instead
Hutton and Anan will work desperately to prop everything up.

Of course behind the scenes there will be things said and apologies made
but Blair will be given his fig leaf and Anan may well cobble together a
Coalition of the not so willing to bail the Americans and the British out
in Iraq.  Certainly that is his aim

On his recent visit to Australia Dick Armitage seemed to signal to
America's critics that the Bush regime would 'soften' its stance.  That for
me is code for, "We know we have ficked up but will you help us out, pretty
please, so the barbarians will not take over?"

What I think is happening is the "moderates" in the State Department have
been tagged and they are now in the ring looking for a way out of the
terrible mess that Bush & Co have stumbled into.  The desperadoes or
'crazies' are sitting this one out.  Everyone knows that Wolfowitz & co
have got the USA and Britain into a swamp.  The question now is can the UN
rescue them? On a smaller scale Lord Hutton will do his little bit to help out.



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