URL or Post?

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun Aug 24 06:41:40 MDT 2003

>Hopefully this bandwidth was worthwhile, even if not political.

I think that I try to satisfy both requirements when I forward an article
from the NY Times, etc. I try to include enough of the text so that you can
get a good idea of what the article is about without having to read the
whole thing. If you are motivated enough to read down to the URL, ie. where
the quote comes to an end, you are probably motivated enough to read the
whole thing. If you are not online, you can wait until the next time that
you are. As far as being able to read the whole article after 30 days or
some other cut-off point, I have access to Lexis-Nexis and will always be
happy to send the whole thing to you.

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