Request for philological assistance with regard to a Marx quote

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Jurriaan, are you thinking of the marvellous passage just after the
lyrical paean to communism (Penguin Early Writings 348) which begins
"We have seen how, assuming the positive supersession of private
property, man produces man, himself and other men..." (349) and goes
on to contrast having with being, the full development of "the whole
of the wealth of humanity and of nature" being possible only in
communism, and "Given socialism, not only man's wealth but also his
poverty acquire a human and hence a social significance. Poverty is
the passive bond which makes man experience his greatest wealth -- the
other man -- as need" (356).

I have been meeting a work deadline and so have not been able to join
in as I would have liked to, to support your points in the discussion
on altruism, especially the opening argument that the theory of innate
egoism is (Hobbesian and Benthamite and Stirnerian) bourgeois
ideology. In reply to Stirner Marx said, as you did, that communism
did not require self-sacrifice. The community can organise to take the
strain off, for instance, home carers.

Comradely, James

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> I recall Marx performs a little thought experiment in one of his
> writings, maybe the German Ideology or the Paris manuscripts. In
> thought experiment, he considers a situation in which alienation
would be
> overcome. In that case, he says, if you want to be X, you must
> do X, do what it takes, and he gives a number of examples, such as
> love, and so on..I meditated upon this quote when I worked as

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