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Sun Aug 24 12:03:21 MDT 2003

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> there is currently a copy of this movie available on e-bay -- the auction
> ends today --

OK, this is a technical question/suggestion - I hope it doesn't go over old
ground.  Here is a post about a video for sale on eBay which will now
automatically go in the marxmail archive along with theoretical articles.
But this doesn't mean I think Jack was wrong to post it.  I think it's of
general interest to at least some of the list, and I'm glad he DID post it.

Some posts here are 'scholarly discussion', others are friendly remarks,
shading into banter, or advice regarding immediate issues like 'where can I
find this video'.  My question is, is there a way in which the sender could
classify a post as non-archival material, maybe by putting some kind of code
in the subject line, and then for that matter maybe list members with
bandwidth problems could use a profile to screen them out if they wanted.

Just a thought...

Lou Paulsen

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