Chat vs. Archival posts (was: Re: Speaking of help...

Zak McGregor zak at
Sun Aug 24 14:13:20 MDT 2003

On Sun, 24 Aug 2003 13:03:21 -0500
"LouPaulsen" <LouPaulsen at> wrote:

> Some posts here are 'scholarly discussion', others are friendly remarks,
> shading into banter, or advice regarding immediate issues like 'where can I
> find this video'.  My question is, is there a way in which the sender could
> classify a post as non-archival material, maybe by putting some kind of code
> in the subject line, and then for that matter maybe list members with
> bandwidth problems could use a profile to screen them out if they wanted.

I believe the X-No-Archive header should be set on those messages which should
not be archived. Which clients use it and which search engines and email
archival systems respect it is another question. Once the contents of an
X-no-archive email gets quoted in another email (say a reply) though, unless
that reply also has the X-no-archive header set, it will get archived anyway.


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