Chat vs. Archival posts (was: Re: Speaking of help...

dms dmschanoes at
Sun Aug 24 18:59:01 MDT 2003

Not for nothing, but didn't this list have a thread that went on for miles
about  The Matrix?  What's the big deal about one post about a film on
Thatcher's England which has been suppressed by the British government,
especially when this list has never shied away from the cultural influences
of capitalism and its antithesis?

For example, should LP's posts on Erich Ambler be tagged as "non-archival"
or "non-scholarly" ?

I think what you're going to be heading into is some sort of pre-screening
by someone other than the end users.

Not sorry to say I oppose that.  Little self-discipline might have the most
effective effort-benefit ratio, i.e. if it's clear we're repeating the same
arguments about BTTHN, and the moderator says drop it, perhaps we should
drop it.


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