CNN: 12 attacks daily on U.S. convoys...

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Sun Aug 24 16:11:07 MDT 2003

Rym Brahimi: '12 attacks daily' on U.S. convoys
Sunday, August 24, 2003 Posted: 9:49 AM EDT (1349 GMT)

BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) -- Violent attacks on U.S. and British forces
in Iraq persist, while deadly ethnic clashes have erupted in the

At the same time, the investigation into the bombing of the United
Nations headquarters in Baghdad continues, following the deaths of
at least 22 people in the attack.

CNN correspondent Rym Brahimi reported Sunday from Baghdad
on the latest developments in Iraq.

BRAHIMI: We were just briefed by the spokesman of the coalition
authority, and they are saying that to this day there are about 12
attacks daily against U.S. military convoys.

In this case, a convoy was using a bridge on the western highway,
basically the road to Amman, in neighboring Jordan. Eyewitnesses
say that they heard a bang and then saw the Humvee, which was
the last vehicle in the convoy, apparently -- they saw it on fire.

U.S. military ran to the scene, cordoned off the area and evacuated
the vehicle and some people who seemed to be slightly injured in
that vehicle, according to eyewitnesses.

Meanwhile in the north, there seem to be ethnic clashes between
Turkmen and Kurds -- clashes that actually turned very violent and
led to the deaths of two Turkmen and the wounding of two others.

And that's not all. After those ethnic clashes in the north that have
been going on for two days, in the south British military officials are
still investigating an incident where three British military
servicemen were killed when their vehicle was ambushed.

So not a very stable picture for the time being, although coalition
authorities insist that there are also a lot of good projects going on.
They made a list of all the projects involving water irrigation that
have been continuing despite these attacks.

At the United Nations, meanwhile, the investigation goes on, as

But relatives of the local victims that died in that tragic bombing are
increasingly worried and angry because they haven't been able to
get access to the bodies of their loved ones, and they are very
concerned about that. It's been six days and local tradition here
has it that bodies should be buried as soon as possible after the

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