URL or Post?

* * alpha at pnews.org
Sun Aug 24 17:19:11 MDT 2003

I'm old school and I use fetchmail in Linux to retrieve my mail and stay
online or I can close down my dialup but it is still annoying for me to
fetch whole articles and some are excessively long and uninteresting, when
I can also retrieve them with a link. It just seems to me that it makes
infinitely more sense to provide the link and a very short synopsis
besides the very important fact that it is more in keeping with Fair Use
when you do so. The Fair Use Doctrine should allow for discussion (it
does) while constraining the amount of copying. While there isn't much
litigation over this issue yet, there could be, and as a list owner with a
bit more at stake than someone else's pleasure and possible abuse of the
law, I think Louis is very correct for enforcing compliance with the rule
to provide a link and keep the quoting short.

Louis runs a very good and tight ship here. As a listowner, since my first
alias list in 82, I admire the work he does.

Hank Roth
Listowner: PNEWS-L

On Sat, 23 Aug 2003, Eli Stephens wrote:

> There have been a number of comments made recently on the question of
> copying entire articles vs. quoting a key paragraph or so and then providing
> a URL. Also questions of minimizing bandwidth are always raised.


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