Wages and the reserves....

dms dmschanoes at earthlink.net
Sun Aug 24 21:57:46 MDT 2003

>From the hardcopy WSJ of 081903:

"Ms. Catanzarite's research found that occupations in which new Hispanic
immigrants account for a quarter of the work force pay as much as 11% less
than those were there were no new Latino immigrant men....

....What's more...the natives who suffer most from the wage penalty also are
minorities...., the penalty for white native workers is about $200 on an
average income of $21,600 annually.  But nonwhites earn almost $2900 less in
this category.

...[Ms. Catanzarite] says the best way to eliminate the wage gap is to
improve working conditions for new immigrants, enforcing minimum wage
standards for immigrant workers, providing an amnesty for illegal


The study was conducted in California.  Now I hope that this issue has
surfaced in the left's mayoralty campain in San Francisco.  What better way
to overcome the distinction between city and countryside?

Have the Greens addressed this?  Do they support amnesty for "illegal"
aliens?   If not to both the issue and the amnesty, that would be one more
reason not to support the Greens.

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