Chat vs. Archival posts (was: Re: Speaking of help...

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Sun Aug 24 22:51:42 MDT 2003

I think the discussion was a little bit broader than the 2 synapses that
obviously are firing your swelled head.  I could care less about the
technical aspect.

I was responding to Lou Paulsen's rather narrowminded ratings guide to what
was scholarly enough and what wasn't.

I would point out that your message of self-exalted brilliance will likely
be archived for reasons that have everything to do with expedience and
nothing to do with the worthiness of the content therein, or lack of

In the meantime, drop dead.
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> > For example, should LP's posts on Erich Ambler be tagged as
> > or "non-scholarly" ?
> While I suspect you may be trying to be humourous, it is clear that you're
> very good at it. Please keep yout ill-informed piffle off the list. If you
had 2
> firing synapses in your skull, you'd understand that X-no-archive is an
> standard email header, the presence of which can and does influence
> repositories and archives in their storage methods for said messages. It
> nothing to do with subjective evaluation of the content of the email; it
> provides a technical method for authors of emails to specify that the
> should not be archived.
> If Louis is really concerned abut bandwidth, it is my humble opinion that
> unsubbing you would be a phenomenally productive approach to start with.

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