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These photo's are great, My thanks to Chris Kerr for forwarding them

It seems a shame that so much of the international left don't get what
is happenning in Venezuela.

The latest Internation Viewpoint (published by the Fourth
International) includes their various documents from the latest 'World
Congress'. There is a long resolution on the state of imperialism and
mass resistance and a long section on the situation in Latin
America. And about three sentances all up on Venezuela.

They actually say that the election on Lula in Brazil is more
important than Chavez in Venezuela. Which seems a strange thing for
revolutionaries to say given that there is a revolutionary situation
in Venezuela and there isn't in Brazil.

They do acknowledge that the governemnt has 'radicalised' but without
going into to how or what that means and they limit themselves to
noting that the US would like to overthrow Chavez because of his
'nationalist discourse' and 'alliance with Havana' - and then move on.

'Nationalist discourse'? Comrades, the government has called on
workers to take their factories over if the bosses try to lay any of
them off. Workers doing so are supported. Which part of 'nationalist
discuorse' enables you to do that? This is not in and of itself
socialist - but it is hard to imagine more despotic inroads to the
rights of private property than facilitating the seizure of factories
by those who work there, should, in the midst of an extreme economic
crisis, the bosses attempt to violate a government decree banning

The first rule for anyone interesting in maintaing capitalist
relations is don't show the workers their own power. Either Chavez is
a very stupid capitalist politician or something else is happenning
here. Something that requires a little more analysis.

It isn't just the FI. There was an article in Frontline - the journal
if the International Socialist Movement inside the Scottish Socialist
Party - entitled 'the revolution that hasn't been' that spent much of
its time making ill-judged and misguided attacks on the leadership of
the revolutiojary movement - mainly Hugo Chavez. The workers and
peasants are organising thenmselves on a mass scale for a
confrontation with the capitalist class that will ultimately resolve
the question of which class holds state power and you spend most of
your time attacking the leadership of this proccess. It doesn't seem
the most useful thing to do, especially when this is the first post-
Cold War revolutionary break.

Of course the most important thing for SSP oomrades is to get Scotland
right - which they are obviously doing in the most impressive way. But
the FI IS supposed to be the World Party. And yet they can't pick a
real revolutionary situation when it actually occurs.

Stuart Munckton

There was a pro-government rally in Venezuela organised on August
23. The Associated Press which usually underestimates the pro-chavez
numbers estimated up to 500 000 people attended.

Here are some photos from the march.

 (  (click on those ones to enlarge them)

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