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Les Schaffer schaffer at
Sun Aug 24 21:10:48 MDT 2003

Lou Pa wrote:

> Here is a post about a video for sale on eBay which will now
> automatically go in the marxmail archive along with theoretical
> articles.

and then:

> My question is, is there a way in which the sender could classify a
> post as non-archival material, maybe by putting some kind of code in
> the subject line, and then for that matter maybe list members with
> bandwidth problems could use a profile to screen them out if they
> wanted.

sounds like several issues Lou raises.

   1.) is there a way for a someone to select whether their post will
   be archived or not on Hans' archive.

   2.) is there a way to mark posts as "scholarly" or "chat" so people
   could either filter thru them or only download one subset of them.

for the first case, technically there are headers one could add that
could be parsed by Hans' archiver software to decide whether they
would be archived or not. but in practice, teaching people HOW to add
that header is extremely problematic. Most people use Outlook or one
of the web-based emailers, and to my knowledge (i can check if anyone
doubts this) there is no way to add the requisite header. and then i
would have to work with Hans to ensure the archiving app respects the

    Score: Theory 1, Praxis: 0

    [ once we switch to Mailman i could filter messages based on
    Subject line __at the listserv__ and add the appropriate header
    before shipping out to the __archive's server__. ]

for the second case, i can think of no simple way with the existing
list to implement a scheme where people only downloaded categories of
interest to them. i could write software to do it in 20 minutes, but
M$ or the other bozos don't give you this option of pre-screening
headers before downloading. for the techies, all one needs to do is
issues the TOPS command to POP server to retrieve Subject/Author
info. and then, the web-based folks would have NO ability to deal with
this so. so we can forget this one, but see below. however, if Lou saw
fit, we could implement on a voluntary basis to mark posts as [chat],
[article], [query], etc in the beginning of our subject lines. this
would at least allow people to filter their Inbox as appropriate. but
getting all you prima donnas to properly mark your Subject lines,
would be, well, revolutionary in itself.

    Score: Theory .5, Praxis .5

the only practical solution in terms of people selectively downloading
"scholarly" vs "chat" posts would be to split the list into two
pieces. this is somthing we might be able to swing once we make the
switch to the new list server in the early fall. but i doubt Lou's
into this split.

    Score: (Players still taking the field)

les schaffer

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