emancipation and the american revolution

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At the end of the US revolution, the British did ship about 4,000 to 6,000
former slaves, who had worfked for them, to Nova Scotia.  Some of them
got land -- the poorest and harshest in the province -- about a third were
re-enslaved by the British admiral transporting them and sold in Jamaica
and the British West Indies.

Similar transportation happened after the war of 1812.

Nova Scotia is still about 15% to 20% Black with about 20 small farming
communities mainly Black and a large Black neighborhood in Halifax.

Whether or not the British were defeated in the 13 colonies, I think the
Haitian revolution, which smashed the slave holders and killed all of them
that they caught, would have done/did  do in slavery there and did have a
major influence in convincing the throughly racist Northern bourgeoisie
that slavery was incompatible with their profits.

Frederich Douglass has a speech in which he describes the impact of
Haiti on the slaves in this country:

The resistance of the slaves and the possibility of an uprsising that would
smash slavedry was also a factor in the struggle that led to the Civil War.

I have a couple of articles in english in the recent issues of Haiti Progres
on the impact of the Haitian revolution on the United States.  The first
one is


but the second one hasn't been posted as of a few minutes ago.


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