Forwarded from Rakesh (plantation labor)

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Mon Aug 25 09:49:43 MDT 2003

Subject: Forwarded from Rakesh (plantation labor)

Thank you.  Yes it is very interesting.  And indeed it (shortage of labor,
undermining of local capitalism) occurs in the Caribbean also.  After 1833,
the plantation system is in a constant state of manipulating, undermining,
of "free" agricultural labor.  This includes not only the tying of the
former slaves to plantations, but the recruitment of contract labor from
India.  Despite the promises of land, money, etc.  this contract,
essentially indentured, labor did not find the terms of employment very
fulfilling and the costs of return transport to India, and replacement
transport from India left the plantation system in the same predicament it
has always confronted.

Thanks for the article, will be examining it closely.


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