There are no terrorists in iraq except for the USuk Axis soldiers

Ben Pincas benpincas at
Mon Aug 25 08:28:49 MDT 2003

I keep on reading on various lists about "terrorists" in Iraq, when in fact the people being referred to are partisans and resistance fighters.

I assume that anyone on these lists who uses the Axis powers terminology "terrorists" to describe these groups, actually supports the invasion, humbling and occupation of Iraq and its people.

These people who have turned to violence in all its forms are doing no more than De Gaulle expected of all frenchmen, and are doing no more than Churchill expected of every Briton ("fight them on the beaches etc.").

I notice it is mainly american posters who seem to be giving, unwittingly, credence to a lie.
Maybe the media propaganda is successfully producing a pavlovian response?

If a bomb goes off, it must be terrorist - unless, of course, when it is being dropped from a plane or fired from a tank...

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