Forward from Nestor (reply to Mark)

Mark Lause MLause at
Mon Aug 25 14:14:23 MDT 2003

I think it's worth noting that I've deliberately avoided responses on
the American Civil War at this point.  However, I do think that a
bourgeois revolution can still be possible without a class leadership of
the bourgeoisie.  If the bourgeoisie can emerge from an upheaval on top,
it can get to rebuild the state and society in its interests.  Before a
bourgeois revolution, there really wouldn't be a bourgeoisie to
coordinate one.

Also, it's worth noting that this decentralized view of the U.S. was
pervasive.  Abolitionists, industrialists, Northerners, workers, etc.
all shared the sense that the antebellum United States ARE a plural of
states.  It wasn't just the South or the planters.  Indeed, just
consider the way Northern communities resisted the Fugitive Slave Law in
the 1850s--the planters were pushing for a national centralism the North
generally didn't want.

Ditto with Lincoln.  Again, we have to not read the outcome of the
process into its conscious inception.  I can see that at some point,
I'll have to schedule an essay on "Abraham Lincoln: Pragmatic
Revolutionist".  :-)

Mark L.

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