Baghdad bombing: two quotes and two comments.

Zak McGregor zak at
Tue Aug 26 04:40:09 MDT 2003

On Tue, 26 Aug 2003 14:01:44 +1000
"Tom O'Lincoln" <suarsos at> wrote:

> Jose, you wrote: "People calling themselves "civilians" does not make them
> so. They were an integral part of an imperialist military invasion and
> occupation of a country and were treated as such."
> There is much truth in what you say. The Australian foreign minister had
> this to say about de Mello's role in East Timor:


All of which plays a vital role in keeping up appearances in terms of the UN
being "neutral", "humanitarian", etc. When the stark truth is that is serves
only its masters - those on the Security Council (biggest imperialists of them
all) and in particular the US, who has long been allowed to use and manipulate
the UN and those inside it. If you want to work within the framework of an
implement of imperialism, you are taking a chance. In no way was that attack not
justified - and it really doesn't matter whether the origins of it were in the
Iraqi resistance or in fact in the occupying raiders.

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