Writing off the bourgeoisie

dmschanoes dmschanoes at earthlink.net
Tue Aug 26 08:49:18 MDT 2003

Just one more thing re: the bourgeoisie, the US Civil War, revolution and

Let's not forget that there is a 12 year span between the defeat of the
Confederacy and the retreat from Reconstruction.  During that 12 years there
was the implementation of a "revolutionary" program in the South, not the
least of which was the establishment of the Reconstruction governments
which, drawing on the emancipated energies of black laborers, of the former
slaves, were and remain the best, most honest, most progressive governments
the South has ever seen.

That the Union retreated from Reconstruction is indicative, not of the
"unrevolutionary" nature of the Civil War, but is indicative of the
transition of the conflict between the means and relations of production
from free soil, free labor vs. Southern rule to the conflict between
wage-labor and private property in production.


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