Baghdag bombing: two quotes and two comments.

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Tue Aug 26 06:10:27 MDT 2003

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> That said, I don't agree with Ben that there are "no terrorists in Iraq
> except for the USuk". I said in an earlier post that we should
> distinguish
> between the terror of the oppressed and that of the oppressors.
> Nevertheless, small elite bands or individual suicide bombers hitting
> non-military targets is terrorism, and it is not the way Marxists would
> fight the struggle.

 I would have to strongly disagree with the statement above.  The
UN is a wolf in sheep's clothing. While there may be individuals
within the organization with altrustic motives, it is first and foremost
an imperialist institution serving the interests of the west and
capital and therefore fare game IMO for the Iraqi resistance to
target. While the class formation of the organization may be elitist,
it does not change the fact that the target of resistance is
imperialism. There are the tactics of the resistance, their class
make up, and then there is the issue of resistance more generally.
One should distinguish these points. .At the same time, I don't
think one should be rushing to judgement as to the origin of the
resistance against the UN presence in Iraq, or agaisnt the
occupation in generel, without prior knowledge of the assailants of
these attacks.

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